“R u kidding me? What da heck? Haters back off!” Do any of these phrases sound familiar? You may know her by accidentally scrolling through YouTube and finding her quirky personality and lipsticked-face, or by hearing your peers do countless impersonations of the comedic superstar. Nonetheless, whether you are familiar with her or not, it is definitely not hard to find out what she is all about.

Miranda Sings

Her name is Miranda Sings. Miranda is not exactly a person, rather an alter-ego of her creator, Colleen Ballinger, who is an American comedian and theatre performer. Miranda was created in 2008 and was never intended to go viral on YouTube. Colleen Ballinger created the character in satire of the cocky and lazy theatre students thinking that they could get famous off YouTube without trying very hard. In fact, Miranda Sings was originally an inside joke, until Colleen created a video titled “free voice lesson”. Upon releasing this video, YouTube viewers were all over the video! Some knew that this behaviour was too unordinary to be real while others took Miranda Sings seriously and began to flood the “Comment’s” section with vulgar and rude comments. The amount of hate Colleen received from her viewers was so harsh that  the catch-phrase, “Haters back off” was created and is now used widely in Miranda Sings’ videos and performances aiming to go against bullying and cyber-bullying.

Colleen Ballinger

If you had clicked that link and saw Miranda Sings’ “free voice lesson” video and then watched a recent video of hers, you’ll likely notice the vast development in her character over the years. As mentioned before, Colleen Ballinger is a performer in the musical theatre field, a trait that I possess as well. A reason why I was so interested in Miranda Sings was because I adore the message she conveys within her character. Miranda Sings’ way of making fun of her hate mail symbolizes the irrelevance it has to herself: You can type anything online to anyone and it won’t mean anything because the “bully” will most likely not even say it to your face. Now reading this, you may have never thought that a character this odd and hilarious is trying to voice an important message. By doing Miranda Sings for my Grade 10 eminent person, I hope to inform my audience that Miranda Sings is more than red lipstick and a funny voice.

Speaking of the eminent person study, I am doing something very different this year, something that has never been done in the 10 years TALONS has existed: I am studying an eminent woman. I was always shocked at the statistic that said no TALONS male has ever studied an eminent female. Some male learners might want to study eminent women because they want to “break” history, but when I was looking for my eminent person I didn’t choose a woman, I chose Miranda Sings. In my opinion, it’s not about the gender, it’s about the person and the personal connection you share with that person. Sure, I am obviously not a female but I do love theatre, music, and performing! I also really care about anti-bullying because no one should ever be feeling hurt about something rude that is said about you, especially if it is on the internet.

Lastly, here are 3 goals I have for my eminent person study:

  1. To prove that Miranda Sings is more than a youtube sensation and that she has a point behind her
  2. To improve my research skills and effectively manage my time during this project
  3. To put myself in Miranda’s shoes and see the perspective she has on the world: How does it relate to Colleen’s intentions?

Before I end, I would just like to say that I am very excited to study Miranda Sings this year and I am very curious to see where my eminent person takes me. Although I will be referencing Miranda Sings and Colleen Ballinger, Miranda Sings is my focus and she will be the person I perform as on Night of the Notables.