I am writing to you from jail today.

It is November of 1793 and I am in the city of Fort Barraux sitting in this cold, dark, and eerie jail cell. The past couple of years have not gone in my favour, and my future does not look pleasant either.

My entire career came to a close in early 1792, after my group, the feuillants, were driven out of the assembly following our disapproval of the war against Austria. The people these days seem to not be able to tolerate anything as any objections given are refused with anger. Anyway, my disapproval of the war was not the only thing that led me to jail, rather suspicion of treason was what everyone assumed. Having heard my views, you know that I am supportive of a constitutional monarchy that consists of a king, as I wrote in the constitution of 1791. I must admit that I was sympathetic to the royal family and I helped them plan a counter-revolution, but I do not believe these actions account for treason. It is my opinion whether or not I support the monarchy, and I just wanted to satisfy all the people by creating the constitution of 1791. Nonetheless, I am still here sitting in jail. Oh mon dieu!

I was at the legislative assembly for the final time on August of 1792 before I was denounced and arrested in Grenoble. 10 months later, I got transported to Fort Barraux, where I am now. My situation does not look good, and I do not expect to live much longer. But what is the point? The country is slowly deteriorating courtesy of Monsieur Robespierre. The revolutionaries clearly do not know what they are doing. The people should have just listened to me… isn’t that what I do? I am an orator and politician, my job is to speak to the people and convince in making the “right” decision. But what can I do now? The royal family has already perished and the constitution of 1793 has been implemented… no king… Good luck France.

I predict a lot more bloodshed in France’s future. What’s more, if the people find out about my correspondence with Marie Antoinette, the consequences will not be pleasant. I feel that I have done everything possible to help France. I guess my opinion was in the minority this time and I unfortunately could not do anything.

Note to self, carefully choose sides as your decision may turn deadly.