It has been an extraordinary summer this year (1791). The King found himself in a load of trouble while I developed a new and unpredictable relationship with Queen Marie Antoinette.

The King and Queen’s return to Paris

In June 1791, King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were arrested in the city of Varennes for trying to flee the country! The King and Queen were trying to escape in fear of a counter-revolution. On behalf of the National Assembly, I, accompanied by 2 others, were sent to bring the King and Queen back to Paris. Upon returning to Paris, the people of France were not pleased with the King and Queen. Their attempt to escape certainly decreased their chances of becoming a constitutional monarchy. I am the leader of the moderate constitutionalists that proposed the constitution of 1791. This gave the people of France a louder voice but without stripping the King’s power. This constitution was created in order to satisfy the third estate, which occupies over 95% of the population of France. Nonetheless, the King’s attempt to flee France angered the people enough to want him off the throne.

The Constitution of 1791

Although I was supportive of the King before, I must say that King Louis XVI has made a lot of mistakes thus far. It is very difficult for me to “sell” the constitution of 1791 to the people after such an event like this. With the way things are going, I predict that the King’s time on the throne will soon come to an end. In addition, I feel chaos heading in the direction of France, but I cannot tell what might happen if the King, dare I say it, gets executed.

I do believe the king should step down, however I don’t feel that it is necessary for France to become a republic… we still need a king… just a better one.

On a brighter note, Marie Antoinette and myself developed a relationship that was… unpredictable you could call it. We seemed to develop a good relationship, and my views on the revolution seemed to have interested the Queen, and she thinks it will keep her and the rest of the royal family safe. I certainly hope my correspondence with the Queen does not get in me in trouble… You can keep a secret, right?