Juin 1789

Bonjour! Je m’appelle Antoine Pierre Joseph Marie Barnave. Mon anniversaire est le 22 octobre 1761. J’habite en France et- Oh…. I was unaware that you do not speak French… my apologies.

I was born on October 22, 1761 and grew up at Grenoble in Dauphiné, France. Being a protestant, I did not have the opportunity to go to local schools; rather I was home-schooled by mother, who is a highly educated woman. Currently, I am a French Politician and Orator.

This year, 1789, has been tremendously difficult for the majority of France. The reason being is that there is a dispute between the royals and the common people. The common people are frustrated at King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette for raising taxes and prices and making living for them very difficult. Others, however, completely disagree. These people are most likely among the royals. In fact, I have been noticing this rise in anger and frustration for quite some time. The massive quarrel that is beginning might turn into something more tremendously hideous and violent. I cannot predict what might occur in the next several months or even years. However, this small dispute could potentially become a deadly monster that tears our country apart (I’m trying to stay optimistic).

Personally, I feel that a compromise is to have a constitutional monarchy because it is an efficient solution that is in favour of the commoners and royalty in some way. I feel that all this arguing and complaining is unnecessary and I want this to change. Moreover, I feel that the solution I proposed is what France needs in order to fulfill both sides of the disagreement as well as prevent any more protests and fights to occur.

For now, we should just wait and hope that nothing too dramatic boils over. As they say back home in France, Bonne nuit, or good night.