The flag of China

Oh my! It seems like only a couple of days ago when I last blogged about my in-depth! Time sure does fly when you are busy! Nevertheless, here I am again to blog about my progress and address the questions that Ms. Mulder stated in her blog.

In my last post, I talked about how I was familiarizing myself with “pinyin”, which is the pronunciation of the English alphabet in Mandarin. In addition, I was learning how to read small words (using the english letters and tones) and use my pinyin book to copy them to help me memorize them. After lots of practice, I am happy to announce that I have completely memorized pinyin! I tried my best to squeeze in a little “pinyin time” everyday for me to practice the pronunciation until it was memorized and flawless. Since my close friends, Lori and Crystal, speak fluent Mandarin, I recited my pinyin in front of them and asked for their insight on my pronunciation. Crystal and Lori approved which is a good sign! On another note, the Mandarin homework that was assigned to me by my mentor, Hannah Duan, was successfully completed as well. I will hopefully be meeting my mentor sometime this weekend or near the beginning of next week to move on to the next stage of my learning, and I can’t wait!

Stay tuned for the next post to hear more of my progress. At this time, I will address the questions Ms. Mulder stated in her blog:

  1. The most difficult mentoring challenge so far has definitely been meeting times. I do my best to try and schedule a Mandarin lesson with Hannah as often as I can, preferably once a week, but sometimes, it doesn’t always work out. This is because of my busy school schedule with TALONS events, piano, and musical theatre, and her work schedule. Adventure trip planning is well underway, so I will have to work extra hard to manage my time in order to find a time to meet with Hannah because let’s face it, TALONS is only going to get busier from here.
  2. The relationship we share with one another is definitely something that is working well. We engage in our learning and discussions, and we listen to each other when I have questions or when she has something to emphasize about the language. We communicate well with one another and we have quickly become comfortable with each other. My confidence has grown in every meeting, and I am starting to ask more questions when I need clarification. Hannah has been a fabulous mentor and teacher, and I am excited to continue exploring my in-depth alongside Hannah.
  3. I mentioned this in my last post, and unfortunately I never focused on completing this goal. However, I am ready to give it another go. Something that could be working better is for me to wonder more about the Chinese culture and the relationship it has to the language. This can be achieved by asking even more questions about the language and how it works. Language is a big component in culture, so for me to be more culturally aware of the Chinese society would help make my learning more interesting and enjoyable.

That is all for now. Thanks for reading and I hope to blog again in another two weeks!