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Social Studies 10 Final Project

My social studies final project is a continuation of the mid-term assignment and highlights the highs and lows of my learning in social studies. It is presented on the powerpoint below. Studying social studies in the TALONS program has been a unique and extraordinary experience, and I thank Mr. Jackson for being so innovative to provide the TALONS learners with the best possible education and satisfaction. Social Studies 10 Final from.. Read More

Canada’s ‘Economic’ Action Plan in Progressive Terms

Identity, economy, government, and geography: which is the most compelling? Personally, I believe that economy is the most compelling political narrative, and I believe that the Liberal Party of Canada represents this narrative best through their political views and ads. Allow me to explain why. It is very difficult for any country or nation to succeed in identity, government, and geography if the economy is not stable and fair. We live.. Read More

Unceded: Canada’s Informal Middle Name

Aboriginal people have been important figures throughout Canadian history. The vast contributions they have made to the creation of our country have made Aboriginals very notable and resourceful. However, it seems though after many years, Aboriginal people still do not receive the rights and freedoms that they deserve. Aboriginal people have suffered from discrimination and racism for many years, and still experience a solid amount today. Equality for Aboriginals would.. Read More

PLO B2: Aboriginals and their Relationships

Social Studies 10 mainly encompasses Canadian history. The prescribed learning outcomes for this course cover many topics involving the aboriginals, immigration, and Confederation, while briefly introducing the concepts of Canadian government. As we enter the second half of Socials in TALONS, many new concepts and ideas will be introduced, discussed, questioned, and possibly debated! Today’s post, however, will focus on one particular idea: PLO B2. It is expected that students.. Read More

Moving to the Stage with My Elastic Heart (#7)

Wow… I cannot believe that we are three weeks away until my performance date. In a way, I am beyond excited to share my improvements over the past five months to my TALONS peers; however, I am also really sad to say goodbye to Cassidy. I feel that Cassidy and I have developed a relationship like no other. I have become comfortable around her, and I feel that she truly believes.. Read More

Social Studies 10 Mid-Term Reflection

To celebrate the hard work I have completed during the first half of Social Studies 10, I completed a mid-term reflection via PowerPoint describing the Prescribed Learning Outcomes that have been achieved and the Prescribed Learning Outcomes that are nearly achieved. The reflection is entirely on the PowerPoint below. Enjoy! TALONS Socials 10 Mid-term Reflection from WaleedHakeem12

A Final Goodbye

samedi le 23 septembre 1871 Bonjour mon ami, Today is a sad day. Why? Because seeing the condition that I am while writing this to you makes me worry about my future. Je suis malade, et je me sens fatigué. I am currently resting at my manor, reflecting on the life that I lived, and thinking about the remarkable things that I did to influence the people and to represent the.. Read More

Intense Anger with Extreme Passion

jeudi le 5 octobre 1848 Bonjour mon ami, Here I am again, sitting in sadness and yearning for freedom and rights for the French. My birthday is fast approaching, and nothing would satisfy me more than to see the British finally step down and stop trying to strip us from our culture and language. They may be good at lying, but I’m not believing a word they say. The minute we.. Read More

Baltimore, Me, and My Elastic Heart (#6)

Let me begin my progress report like I always do… using my title to introduce the topics I will be discussing! It’s been three weeks since I have last blogged, and what a wild three weeks it has been! As mentioned in my previous blog post, Cassidy and I took the first week off from spring break as we were both going on vacation. I went to Hawaii to enjoy.. Read More

Hopelessly Devoted To Cassidy Because She Is The Best Mentor Ever (#5)

That was the title of my mp3 file of my recording, and I’m not kidding! Oops… I think I just spoiled the surprise. Well, SURPRISE! I have another recording to share with you today, in addition to a reflection of my three-hour lesson with Cassidy this week. My last post discussed the plan for the next two recordings, and I mentioned that I will be recording a ballad of Cassidy’s.. Read More